FreshFun Insulated Beverage Carriers

Your next playdate or outing and you don't feel like carrying a big bag.  Perfect solution and a fun twist on a thermal insulated beverage bag.  These bags are fun for you or your little one to carry with an adjustable strap with lots of insulation to keep drinks cool or warm.  The FreshFun Insulated Beverage Carrier can accommodate any vessel up to 16" in height with 3.5" in diameter.

Material:   Nylon / Cotton Blend / Neoprene

We have partnered with the best boutiques from around the world, which means you will receive the best quality products at the best available prices.   Some of our partners are domestic to the United States and others are internationally sourced.  Please note ground shipping times may vary from 4 to 18 working days to receive goods.

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