Playfood Ceramic Plates

These beautiful ceramic plates are a lot of fun at dinner time.  Very decorative and can certainly be used as a serving dish for any dinner party.  We personally like to hang them in a group on our wall in the kitchen...don't tell to many people...shhhhh it's our secret.  Very playful and fun your little's, they will love to have you use them for baked treats, fruit plate, or just have out as decoration in your kitchen space.

Material:  Ceramic

Dimensions:  8" x 8" (approximately)

We have partnered with the best boutiques from around the world, which means you will receive the best quality products at the best available prices.   Some of our partners are domestic to the United States and others are internationally sourced.  Please note ground shipping times may vary from 4 to 18 working days to receive goods.

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